Tai Chi Cures
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Tai Chi Cures

Tai Chi Chuan means the "Supreme Ultimate Force". It is best described as the moving form of yoga and meditation. When practice regularly, the flow of chi inside the body become smooth as all obstructions that cause ailments vaporize.

Tuberculosis is one of the top killer diseases in the Philippines. The disease is much scourged and scowled upon especially in Western countries.

In India, tuberculosis (TB) is described by the Vedas as the disease resulting from dirty habits.

An interesting anecdote about the great Tai Chi Master Chen Man-ching tells of how he contracted the disease from inhaling chalk dust. Chen Man-ching, who is well-known in the Martial Arts circles as very dexterous fighter, was not always strong. In fact, he was a weak and sickly child.

After finishing his studies, he becomes a professor in various Beijing universities for many years. When he founded the college of Fine Arts in Shanghai, his colleagues and students had blackboards made of rough glass bricks covered with green felt and erased with damp cloth, having learned from the case of Chen Man-ching.

Curing tuberculosis for Chen Man-ching was not a problem. Through Tai Chi practice, he was cured after several months. He was a student of Yang Cheng-fu, from the renowned Yang family where the popular yang-style Tai Chi originated.

According to Yang Cheng-fu in his book, The Thirteen Chapters, Tai Chi can cure disease like tuberculosis. In the book, he briefly explains tuberculosis pathology, etiology, and therapy. Of course, the explanations are based on Traditional Chinese medicine.

Tuberculosis afflicts the lungs, a delicate organ. Since the lungs have another pathway from the digestive system, direct access to these is very difficult. But Traditional Chinese medicines recognize the existence of the chi or the subtle internal energy. Knowing the pathway of the chi, sufferers of the diseases like tuberculosis can find easy relief.

As we know, the chi’s smooth flow ensures the good health of the person. Obstruction causes the body to be sick. Following this principle, curing the obstruction is a bull’s eye shot at the disease.

Acupuncture, which operates on the principle of the chi, has worked for the Chinese for many centuries. And although Western medicine, with all its high-tech equipment, cannot see the chi, it acknowledges the efficiency of acupuncture.

Recognized in Chinese medicines are the “Six Evils” – wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire; “Seven Emotions” – anger, grief, joy, fear, fright, exhaustion, and worry; and “Six Desires.”

Devising a cure for a specific illness must address all these conditions.

@ronthoughts - Tai Chi

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Comments (5)

Well done post Ron. A holistic approach to health the oriental way.

Tai chi is a good form of exercise if it's done properly.

Very interesting and informative are about a different approach to health issues. I myself feel that there is an internal energy and it is this we must heal first.Great write!

Very interesting article of historical signifigance. Western society is now recognizing the importance of acupuncture, as well as other Eastern influences within our individual health care. Fine write and read.

thanks all for your comments, its highly appreciated.