Green Tea The worlds best beverage
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Green Tea The worlds best beverage

Just some of the many benefits encompassed by easily the best beverage known today.

Green tea known predominantly throughout as an Asian drink, although what is not known is the true strength that one cup can really have on your body. The ancient Chinese people knew of these benefits and constantly used this beverage as a form of medicine. From headaches to depression, there was not a single symptom that this amazing drink was not used for. Though, unfortunately this trend has not really continued into western medicine. Well after some deep research today I present to you 10 benefits that green tea offers to its drinkers.

1: Drinking green tea on a regular basis can really help your fight against Rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

2: Consuming this drink has been shown to slow or stop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Both these diseases come into effect at an older age, but early prevention couldn’t harm.

3: For all those people looking to burn some fat, Green Tea can be used to speed up your metabolism and increase fat oxidation. Green tea is a brilliant drink for those looking into weight loss as it contains very little calories because it is most water.

4: Medical research now uses green tea (amongst other medication) to treat multiple sclerosis.

5: There has been research that has proved that Green tea has a contributing factor when it comes to preventing tooth decay. Regular consumption helps kill the bacteria which create dental Plaque.

6: If you constantly feel like you are getting sick then this could be due to a problem with your immune system. Green tea benefits the immune system and helps treat your problem.

7: Drinking green tea halts the growth of some cancer cells. With this said Green tea has the highest chance of reducing or stopping esophageal cancer.

8: Green tea reduces the level of cholesterol in your blood and can even swing the balance in your favor giving you better ratio of good cholesterol vs bad cholesterol.

9: Consumption of green tea greatly reduces the risk of heart disease thrombosis.

10: Green tea is used as a treatment and prevention method of cancer.

So with these outstanding benefits, maybe a lot of us should do what our mother’s told us and respect your elders. Such an ancient drink with such vital benefits, Green tea can easily be called the worlds best beverage. Thanks for reading.


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